Are you prepared to settle for an “ordinary” retirement…………..Or do you deserve to live your life with purpose, direction and a healthy income stream?

Baby Boomers, Will You RETIRE or REWIRE?

  • Do you wake up on a Monday morning with a sense of dread that you have to go back to the same old job for another week, doing the same old things…with no end in sight?
  • Do you wonder if you will ever be able to retire?  And when you do eventually stop work how soon will you run out of money to live on
  • Do you avoid the difficult conversations about what the next stage of life might hold for you? There are so many things you’d love to do, things you always thought you’d be able to do, but now you just aren’t sure if you will be ever able to afford them.  It’s easier not to think about it!
  • Do you wake up on a Monday morning with a sense of dread that you have to go back to the same old job for another week, doing the same old things…with no end in sight?

As a professional career consultant I love working with mature aged clients but it’s very scary how many of them are unprepared, in every way, for the next stage of their lives. 

It sometimes seems that they think if they put their head in the sand and hope everything will be okay they will find themselves 35 again and on track for a seriously wealthy and outstandingly successful financial future, culminating in a fabulously secure and exciting retirement.  Sounds great doesn’t it!  Just what we always wanted!  Dream on…..

The sad reality is that most of my clients tell one of three stories.  Which is your story?

Disappointment:  “Life wasn’t meant to be like this.”

“I haven’t got enough money to retire and pursue my dreams of a life of leisure so I will “have to” go back to work and keep doing what I hate doing for as many years as I can keep my job”…OR

Fear:  “If I make a mistake I might lose money.” 

“I want to improve my lifestyle and financial situation and would like to do something about it but I am afraid that I will make a bad decision which will cost me a lot of money, or someone will rip me off.”…OR

Confusion:  “I can’t think of anything I could do to change my future.  What could I do to get started?” 

“I really want to do something interesting at this stage of my life.  I know I have lots of skills and experience, but I don’t have any idea what I can do or how to do it.”

But ALL of them want a great lifestyle and money flowing in so they can do what they want to do.  Does this sound like you?

From the work I have done with hundreds of clients I have put together a simple guide to help you move towards the FREEDOM you deserve and want…FREEDOM…to live the life that is designed just for you, by you.  FREEDOM to have a fulfilling lifestyle full of the aspects of life that matter to you.  Now this isn’t always easy to achieve, as you know only too well!  If it was we’d all be living our dreams right now!

So what’s the key to creating the lifestyle and freedom that you want for your future?  You need to have a plan, design by you for you; a plan that meets your needs and gives you the opportunity to build in all the things that matter in your own unique life; a plan that amicably brings together partners’ dreams and ideas for the future; perhaps a plan that builds in an additional stream of income.  This may mean doing things you have never done before, learning new skills and creating new challenges.  Let me tell you…

All the worry in the world is not going to magically make your future lifestyle become what you want it to be.