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Baby boomers have created a huge bump in demographics throughout their lives, impacting on the economy in every way. As they reach retirement age this trend will continue, as they struggle with the decisions about what to do with their lives.

Baby boomers are worried about two main things:

Lifestyle – How to create the lifestyle they want so they can do the things they’d like to do

Financial Security – How to have enough money to afford the lifestyle that they want to live.

Retirement income has become even more of an issue for baby boomers in recent years because of the Global Financial Crisis which badly affected most people’s retirement savings in some way.
Jenni Proctor

Government organisations in most Western countries are worried about the impact that the retirement of so many people over the next twenty years is going to have to their economies. At the time when they most need health care and other government services, there will be fewer people in the workforce paying taxes to enable services to be provided for them. Baby boomers are rapidly beginning to realise that they will need money to support themselves, and are very aware that as a generation they are underfunded to face their retirement.

This means that they have to give up on their retirement lifestyle dreams and settle for a life that is inferior to the one they expected. Or they can take charge of their future, design the lifestyle that they really want, then find ways to bring in additional income to support that lifestyle.

This is the purpose of FREEDOM Retirement Lifestyle Program, giving Baby Boomers the opportunity to design their lifestyle, then learn about and implement their plans for creating additional income. The program is a six month membership program, delivered by weekly eclasses. The seven sections of the program commence with the letters of FREEDOM: Face the Future, Reality Check, Employee to Entrepreneur, Explore and Educate, Decide, Opportunities, Make it Happen. The program is structured to lead each member from one section to the next so that they do not leave the program.
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