Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  What do you get if you become a member?

A: Your membership gives you

  • A weekly eclass which will lead you through designing your future lifestyle and considering  ways to create a financially free future as well as building the lifestyle that you have planned.
  • 3 x 30 minutes professional lifestyle coaching in person, by Skype, phone or email
  • Interviews with people who are having great success through businesses on the internet or using the possibilities that technology gives us, the industry leaders who are genuinely able to help you.  No sharks allowed!
  • Insiders information about how information businesses make money, so you can evaluate them for yourself according to the lifestyle design you have created
  • Tickets to seminars, workshops and other events, sometimes free and sometimes at a greatly reduced price
  • Interviews with ordinary people who have changed their lives through changing their financial future, finding new interests, following their passions etc.
  • Information and discussion about issues of interest to you as you design your own future lifestyle.

Question 2:   How much does it cost to join?

A: It costs only $49 per month. Through the eclasses and bonuses you will get many more times the value of membership, but if you consider the cost of having 3 x 30 minute professional retirement lifestyle planning sessions would be a little more than six months of membership, this is a very economical way of having professional assistance as you plan your future and learn about ways you could generate income to supplement your retirement funds.

Question 3:  What if I don’t want to continue?

A: Every contact you have from us will have the option for you to unsubscribe.  If you unsubscribe you will not be charged for another month’s membership, nor will you receive any further contact from us unless you request it.

Question 4:  Can I make some suggestions?

A: Absolutely!  I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what issues you want addressed in the eclasses, what you want more and less of, what bonuses you would really like to see included and any other things that you would like to suggest.

Question 5:  Are you really a professional lifestyle counselor, or just some anonymous person making a living on the internet?

A: No, I’m very real!  My business started as career counselling across all age groups and has now expanded to include pre-retirement lifestyle planning and coaching.  I work from my home-based office in Brisbane.  I’m not anonymous, my name and face are on the website and I am available for speaking engagements to tell people about RedesignRetirement.com.  While I write this response a delightful client has just left, dinner is cooking, the washing machine is on, the family will be home from work and study soon and I haven’t managed to make it outside for a walk or to go to the gym today…….Yes, I’m real!

Question 6:   If I join the program will you make a nuisance of yourself with email offers etc?

A: No, I can’t stand that and I’m sure you can’t either. There will be email offers from time to time, offers which will enable you to get free or heavily discounted tickets for a workshop that is relevant to your future lifestyle. However this won’t be annoyingly often just often enough to give you good extra value.

Question 7:  Will you tell me about other businesses that are experts in specific internet businesses.

A: Yes, this information is important as I do not claim to be an expert in making money online.  I will share information that gives you enough understanding and knowledge to be able to decide what interests you, what you think has some potential, and what you want to find out more about.  That will save you a lot of time and angst because researching this on your own is a slow and at times painful process.  Once you have decided on the model of internet business that you are interested in I’ll suggest the people that I have found to be ethical, helpful and good to deal with in that field and it is up to you to decide if you want to take that learning further.

Your questions are always welcome.