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Don’t Wait For Somebody Else
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Date July 30, 2021
From Jenni Proctor
  Professional Career Coach and Fellow Baby Boomer

Turn your next 30+ years into a
lifestyle of purpose, action & living…
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 Have you asked yourself these questions lately?

What the hell can we do to improve the situation? Why isn’t our future looking like we always thought it would be?  What have we done wrong?  
What do we want our lifestyle to look like?
Do we have the skills to create a passive income to supplement our superannuation or any pension we might be able to get?
What do we need to learn?  And I hope this doesn’t raise a wash your mouth out with soap question – “Are we too old to learn new tricks?”  As a baby boomer you’ll probably remember the soap threat!!!
There is no “tomorrow will do” time left.  Should we just accept the situation now and hope we won’t be TOO poor when we get old?
What opportunities are available to us?  And, when we find them, who do we trust?
What actions do we have to take to make it happen?

Remember in the free report — the first choice is to do nothing and let life decide for you.  And the truth about this is, you don’t know where that will lead you but probably not to a good place or where you wish you were going.

The second choice is to take action and make sure your life is how you want it to be.

That way you can live your dreams and make sure there will be more than enough money to do this!

Baby boomers have changed the expectations of society from the day they were born, shifting boundaries exponentially as they move through the different stages of life.

Now, The Fact IS: At 55 – You Can Expect
To Live Another 25 to 30+ Years

And that’s another whole lifetime.  Look back over the last 30.  You’ve potentially got that long again and for most of you it’s without having the extra pressure of raising children!!!

What are you going to do — NOTHING?  I don’t think so or you wouldn’t be here reading this.

This is a time to celebrate  and go on an adventure.  Learn new skills, gain more knowledge and do the things you want to do when you want to do them .  But this doesn’t have to mean that you don’t work or make a contribution to society. It means that you get to choose what you do, when you do it, and the type of contribution that makes your heart sing.

Yes that’s called the excitement of being alive.   So what I’m saying is don’t waste the next 30 years ———- LIVE THE NEXT 30 YEARS or more with purpose!

(Actually, if you listen to the advances being made in medicine and longevity, it is possible you could live another 50 years.  Could that really be on the cards for many of us?)

You have the power to create a future lifestyle that will satisfy you and your partner and keep on satisfying you when the novelty of not working has worn off.  And that day can come whenever you choose!

 Where To From Here???

Well in this step-by-step program, you’ll be guided through a comprehensive process for planning your future  where you’ll consider each part of your life and make decisions about what really matters to you. 

This is your fast track, your chance to make a genuine difference in your future for a small outlay of money.

You see it’s so easy to just slide through life without really thinking about these important things or doing anything to make changes BUT,  if you really want to enjoy the next stage of your life you need to design your lifestyle and you need to start taking action right now — Before It’s Too Late!!!

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Is This Program For You? Well … ask yourself these questions:

Are you:

Concerned that you don’t have a clearly defined lifestyle plan for the future … a plan that you and your partner are both happy with?
Keen to stop working in your current job … but can’t see a way that you could do this in the near future because you don’t have another income stream?
Wanting a financially secure future … but not sure how you can achieve it without sacrificing your quality of life?
Afraid of making the wrong choice if you moved to another area to live? You may talk about making a sea change or a tree change… but is it right for you?
Excited about the possibility of traveling or completing some project in the future, but with no real plans after that?
Delighted about the prospect of not going to work every day, in fact … keen to sack your boss as soon as possible, but a little fearful of losing your identity as a worker and becoming “just a retiree”?
Feeling insecure about the state of the world’s economy as you plan your future?  Will your retirement savings be enough for you to live on?
Wanting to do the things you want to do … but knowing that compromise is necessary because you and your partner have different interests?
Wondering how your relationship with your partner will be when you are no longer working?  (A frustrated client said to me the other day “I married him for better or worse, but not for lunch every day!” )
Ready for the stimulating challenge of creating the life you really want?

So … what’s in the program?

Professional Coaching

This is a professional coaching program following the same processes that would be used if you went weekly to see a life coach or pre-retirement coach, but at a fraction of the cost.  The difference is that the modules are structured to enable you to take yourself through the process. 

The advantage for you is that you can work through the activities at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.  Use it as a guide to help you and your partner communicate about what you really need in this next stage of your life.  In just 12 weeks your next stage of life could be planned, with you eagerly moving forward to achieve your dreams. Then over the rest of the 26 weeks you will "fill in the gaps", be exposed to lots of strategies and ideas.  You will have real life examples of how other people have chosen to create a fulfilling lifestyle, and be empowered to make decisions when you have all the information you need.

Support is available

As you progress through the program there’ll be times when you are completely self-sufficient, but at other times you may feel confused about what to do next. That’s what we’re here for.  You can call us for support.  And if the program brings up big issues that need closer examination it is easy to organise individual coaching to help you to move forward.
Insider secrets of Internet success and other forms of home-based business success shared in private interviews with some outstandingly successful entrepreneurs. You will hear them honestly share the things they wish they’d known when they started so they could have fast tracked their business. They also share their favourite business model and how it works for them.  These interviews each contain great ideas that you can implement, and expand your awareness of what others are doing to propel them into a very different future lifestyle.

Special offers and resources available only to you as a member of This will include free and inexpensive opportunities to meet the people who have already built success in the world of internet business, access to audio interviews and free ebooks.  

They have all been chosen specifically to help you plan and implement your ideal future lifestyle. We will make available to you offers and resources that pay back your investment in this program many times over.  

Some of these offers will be available to you immediately, whilst you will be notified of other offers by email as the opportunities arise.

Insider’s information about how to build a business, ethically and professionally creating an excellent additional income. You’ll learn the basics of each of the main information and internet business models and strategies so you can evaluate which suits your needs, skills and experiences the best.  

You’ll also be given links to outstanding experts available to you in Australia, those who can not only mentor you but who are great people and businesses to deal with. 

Financial ideas and tips from a financial whizz to help you maximise your lifestyle but minimise the impact on your nest egg without sacrificing the quality of life. This person gives us a wonderful overview of what you need to know before you choose a financial advisor.  Be warned…Not all financial advisors will give you great advice!

This financial whizz will be discussing things like:

What are the five most important things you need to
to ensure that you protect your assets?

Sensible money management doesn’t have to be a dirty word if you know interesting ways to protect and grow your money, both during this stage while you are planning for your retirement and into the future when you move into the next phase of your life.

Weekly e-classes emailed to you. These e-classes are designed to take you step by step through the whole process of planning your future. There are many ideas for you to discuss and activities for you to undertake … all guiding you gently towards a great lifestyle plan that’s unique to you … yet meets the needs of both partners.

We’ll be considering all aspects of your life … and drilling down to the fundamentals of who you really are and what you really want.

Then comes the fun part of merging all those parts together, not just for one person (like you did when you were planning your career perhaps) but to suit the needs, wants and dreams of two people. This brings us to the next point …

Communication between partners … Sometimes the person we are supposed to be the closest to is the very person who we find it most difficult to communicate with.

Bad habits seem to grow over the years!

This program will help you to bridge the gaps and a likely benefit is improved communication with your partner.

There is no money back guarantee on this aspect of the program, but we’d love to hear your stories of how the program has helped your relationship! 

Mindset Strategies to move your mindset through the obstacles you encounter that are  “in your head” and not real.

It is so easy to stop ourselves from doing the things we want to do, trying new ideas and believing that you can achieve things that you have never achieved before.

So … don’t let your mindset stop you designing and living your ideal lifestyle.  This is a critical part of the program … And will blow your mind!!!

Learn from the success (and problems) of others.

There are many people creating fantastic lifestyles for themselves, using the power of the internet to create income streams in all sorts of ways or to boost their offline business. There are many others on the road towards success in this way, determined to create a better future for themselves.  I’ve interviewed some of them for you.

Let them tell you their stories – How they decided what to do, what their biggest obstacles and learning curves were, what they wish they’d known when they got started, things they wish they’d done differently, things that made all the difference to their success. 

Yes, the good, the bad and the ugly shared with you from people who have been going down this path ahead of you.  Save yourself the time, money and effort of making all the mistakes…Lots of us have already made them! Reap the benefit of others’ experience.

Is this program for everyone?

No … it’s not for everyone.

If you aren’t really motivated to steer your future, to create the lifestyle that you aspire to, then this isn’t for you.

If you don’t believe that your future is worth taking the time to think, discuss and plan, then … again … this program isn’t for you either.

But … if you want the next stage of your life to be the best stage of your life, then I’d love to help you achieve this.

If you want to find out more about the coaching program before you order, please call me: 0413 602 096 during business hours Queensland time, or you can email me at info @

If you want to become a member, click the link below to go to our secure server.

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You can have a fantastic lifestyle ahead of you  … I’d love to help you plan to live a sensational one.


Jenni Proctor


P.S. – Don’t let other peoples’ economic bungling wreck your plans for a great retirement. You can take charge now and ensure your own security for the future.

P.P.S. Remember that you are getting the 26 e-classes and all the bonuses for less than the cost of a first consultation with me!  Yes, it genuinely is outstanding value! 


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Your initial charge will be $49 AUD. You will then be charged $49 AUD per month for 5 months after your initial charge has been made.  At any time you can cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

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